Sunday, August 31, 2008

Roberta Collins

The excellent blog Arbogast On Film has reported that actress Roberta Collins has died. Several other websites such as "Moon in the Gutter" and "AV Maniacs" also report that writer Jack Hill posted notice of his death on his MySpace page. While I can't find the notice on Mr. Hill's page, I have written him asking for confirmation. Ms. Collins is known to horror and exploitation fans for her roles in such films as "Eaten Alive," "Death Race 2000" and "The Big Doll House."

If anyone can help confirm Ms. Collin's passing I would greatly appreciate the help.

Update: I've sent Jack Hill several messages. They remain unanswered. The notice that was supposed to be on his MySpace page is no longer there. Does anyone know if Ms. Collins had a married name? Was Roberta Collins here real name. I just don't understand why the passing someone of her stature would not reported by a mainstream news service.