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HISTORICAL NOTE: This is the last column I wrote for Entertainment Insiders. In June 2009 I had two murder trials. During those three weeks, the website underwent a major change which I disagreed with. One of the co-owners desired to place the focus of the site onto his video interviews. I later received e-mails in which my former partner had made behind the scenes moves to push out myself and another co-owner. Ironically it was my column and the other co-owner's news section which had the largest readership on the site. I walked away from EInsiders after a long, enjoyable run. We had taken the site from a small fanboy website to a large entertainment magazine that was well respected in the industry. Truth be told, I'm still a bit bitter at the actions of my former friend as I enjoyed growing the website, reviewing DVDs, going to film festivals, interviewing filmmakers and most of all, writing this column. It has taken me nearly 4 years to get these archived columns posted. Once I left the site, I was denied access to the server and have had to hunt all over again for the pictures used on this blog. I hope to both move forward and bring the obits up to date, as well as cull through the nearly 1000 DVD reviews I wrote and post them here.

(UPDATE INFO: Updating the column will take longer than I had hoped. Due to the amount of time that has passed since I stopped writing this column, it has become difficult to confirm many of the deaths I had hoped to include. When I was writing this column originally, falling victim to internet hoaxes and misreporting was very real. While I could assume that a death report on IMDB from June 2009 which hasn't been taken down is confirmation enough that the person has passed, I'm not taking any chances. When Entertainment Insiders was operational, I had 500,000 regular readers. When I made mistakes, other media outlets carried my mistakes. Don't want that to ever happen again. For the handful of folks who have hung on as readers, I hope to maintain the same standards as before.

If anyone has documentation or a link to confirm the passing of these people, please let me know through the comment section: Chris Barnes, film editor for Hammer films; Percival Rubens, South African b-movie director. Thanks!)

KEN CLARK Died Jun. 1, 2009

Actor Ken Clark died of a heart attack 3 days shy of his 82nd birthday. Mr. Clark starred in one of my favorite cheesy horror films. He played the hero in Roger Corman's Attack of the Giant Leaches. Mr. Clark had a nice supporting role in the classic musical "South Pacific." Other film and TV credits include "12 To the Moon," "On the Threshold of Space," "A Man Called Sledge," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents," "M Squad," "Heller in Pink Tights," "Love Me Tender," "Death Valley Days," "Highway Patrol," "Sea Hunt" and "Tarzana, The Wild Woman"

DAVID GIPSON Died Jun. 1, 2009

If you live in LA, you are familiar with the site of film crews working on location. Here in Memphis, I've seen my share. Trucks line the street while crew members unload the tons of equipment to set the scene for the actors and director. You never think about the guys (and gals) who drive those trucks, but the show couldn't go on without them. One of those nameless workers who get the gear on location was David Gipson. Mr. Gipson died at age 63. Mr. Gipson worked on film projects in Virginia including the HBO miniseries "John Adams" and "Hearts in Atlantis." Mr. Gipson retired as a Master Sergeant after a career in the US Air Force.

ERNEST MAY Died Jun. 1, 2009

Historian and professor Ernest May died at age 80 of complications following surgery. Mr. May was connected with Harvard University in numerous capacities for over 55 years. His book "Thirteen Days" chronicled the event of the CUban Missile Crisis. Kevin Costner starred in the 2000 film version of Mr. May's book.

JO ANNA MARCH Died Jun. 2, 2009

Actress Jo Anna March died at age 76. Ms. March was the sister-in-law of actor Montgomery Cliff, although she didn't marry the actor's brother until many years after Montgomery Cliff's death. Ms. March appeared on Broadway as well as radio, film and TV. Ms. March's film credits include "Burglar," "Inheritance," "A Relative Thing" and "Girl of the Night."

DOROTHY LAYTON Died Jun. 2, 2009

Actress Dorothy Layton died at age 96. Ms. Layton was one of the 13 WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1932. Ms. Layton appeared in seven films before leaving Hollywood in 1934. She made her debut in the 1931 Laurel & Hardy film "Chickens Come Home." Ms. Layton worked with the comedy team on three other films: "Pack Up Your Troubles," "The Chimp" and "County Hospital." Other credits include the George Raft crime thriller "Pick-up" and the Charley Chase comedy shorts "Fallen Arches" and "Young Ironsides."

MARC CHRISTIAN Died Jun. 2, 2009

Actor Marc Christian died of pulmonary problems at age 56. Mr. Christian was the former lover of actor Rock Hudson. Mr. Christian's death was not confirmed by his family until December of 2009. Mr. Christian successfully sued the estate of Rock Hudson for several million dollars for the actor intentionally exposing him to the AIDS virus. Mr. Christian appeared in a number of documentaries about his relationship with the late film star. He also appeared as a drug addict in the movie "Deadly Addiction."

CULLEN JOHNSON Died Jun. 2, 2009

Former child actor Cullen Johnson died in Oregon at age 82. Mr. Johnson and his six siblings were all child actors. Mr. Johnson appeared in a number of films between 1927 and 1944. Among his many credits were "Manhattan Melodrama," the film John Dillinger saw right before he was killed by FBI agents in Chicago. Other credits include "Brigham Young," "Henry Adrich, Boy Scout," "The Way of All Flesh," "The Blue Bird" and "Babes in Toyland." Mr. Cullen's actor brothers and sisters were Dick Winslow (Johnson), Cammilla, Seesel Anne, Carmencita, Sidney and Payne Johnson.

DO KUM-BONG Died Jun. 3, 2009

South Korean actress Do Kum-Bong died at age 79. The prolific actress appeared in over 500 films and TV shows during her lengthy career. Her final film role was in director Chan Park-Woo's "Threesome." Ms. Kum-Bong appeared in the first South Korean horror film, 1965's "A Bloodthirsty Killer." She played the villain and continued to work in horror films through the years. Though She played a wide variety of parts, Ms. Kum-Bong was known for playing sexy, bad women.

DAVID CARRADINE Died Jun. 3, 2009

Actor David Carradine was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room.

The 72-year-old actor was found hanged in a wardrobe by a hotel maid. Some reports stated that this was a suicide while there is speculation that Mr. Carradine might have accidentally died during 'breathplay.'

The circumstances of his passing should not overshadow the life and career of this award-winning actor. Mr. Carradine won the National Board of Review's Best Actor award for her portrayal of Woody Guthrie in Hal Ashby's Oscar-nominated biopic "Bound for Glory." Mr. Carradine was nominated for an Emmy award for his best know role in the series "Kung Fu." Mr. Carradine was nominated for four Golden Globe Awards for his film and TV work. Mr. Carradine appeared on Broadway twice. He won the 1966 Theater World Award for his performance in "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" opposite Christopher Plummer.

David Carradine appeared in nearly 300 films, TV shows and documentaries during his career. He was the son of famed character actor John Carradine. Mr. Carradine was part of a family of actors that includes brothers Keith and Robert Carradine and Michael Bowen, Mr. Carradine's daughters Calista and Kansas Carradine and nieces Martha Plimpton and Ever Carradine. David Carradine was the son of actress Sonia Sorel.

I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with David Carradine at DragonCon in 2003. He had finished work on "Kill Bill" but the movie had not been released yet. He was funny, a bit sarcastic and very cool. I was unable to get a sit-down interview with him as his table was constantly surrounded by fans wanting to talk. Everyone wanted to know about the movie. All he would say is "I'm Bill." I asked him about working with his brothers in the great Western "The Long Riders." "It was a blast" was his response. I got the impression that you could have asked David Carradine about philosophy, politics or life in general and he would have talked for a long time. Movie questions that he'd fielded over and over got a short response. The hint of danger made you wary to try and get him to open up more. Two days into the festival I sat down with Actor Brad Douriff for an interview. His table was right next to David Carradine's. The two actors traded quips during minutes of respite between fans. The two actor's were (according to Mr. Douriff) working on the first season of "Deadwood" at the time.

The words "Kung Fu" with probably appear in the first line of every David Carradine obituary. Mr. Carradine starred as Caine, a Shaolin monk who wandered throughout the wild West. The hit series ran three years (1972 through 1975) and spawned two Made for TV movies. Mr. Carradine reprised the role in a second TV series "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" which ran four seasons from 1993 to 1997. "Kung Fu" was not Mr. Carradine's first starring role in a TV series. He played the title role in the short-lived 1966 series "Shane."

David Carradine never achieved the stardom of many of his contemporaries. He had the acting chops though. His work in Hal Ashby's "Bound for Glory" should have received an Oscar nomination. His short screen time in Tarantino's "Kill Bill" films also illustrate what talent Mr. Carradine possessed. The film is probably his best screen work. I've always considered his portrayal of Cole Younger in Walter Hill's "The Long Riders" to be one of his best performances. He and actress Pamela Reed (as Belle Star) had amazing screen chemistry. Three was a sexual tension between the characters that has rarely been equaled.

Though David Carradine appeared in a lot of schlock, he had a number of memorable performances in well known films. He also delivered some memorable performances in some schlocky films. Martin Scorsese directed Mr. Carradine in his films "Mean Streets" and "Boxcar Bertha." While he had a cameo in the New York gangster film, Mr. Carradine co-starred opposite his then lover Barbara Hershey in "Boxcar Bertha." David Carradine served in the US Army with director Larry Cohen. The friends collaborated on the cult classic monster movie "Q: The Winged Serpent." David Carradine's best known 'cult classic' role was as Frankenstein in Paul Bartel's "Death Race 2000." Swedish master Ingmar Bergman cast David Carradine in the lead of his Nazi era horror/drama "The Serpent's Egg." Unfortunately the film did little for either man's career. Robert Altman cast him in a cameo in his 1973 detective film "The Long Goodbye." Mr. Carradine's work in the TV miniseries "North and South" earned his one of his four Golden Globe nominations.

His other film and TV credits include "Crank: High Voltage," "Richard III," "Alias," "Acapulco H.E.A.T.," "Charmed," "The Ray Bradbury Theater," "The Young Riders," "Bird on a Wire," "Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat," "Matlock," "The Fall Guy," "Airwolf," "Lone Wolf McQuade," "High Noon, Part II: The Return of Will Kane," "Gauguin the Savage," "Circle of Iron," "Gray Lady Down," "Ironside," "Night Gallery," "Gunsmoke," "Macho Callahan," "The Name of the Game," "The Good Guys and the Bad Guys," "Young Billy Young," "Heaven with a Gun," "Cimarron Strip," "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour," "The Virginian" and "Wagon Train."

SHEK KIN Died Jun. 3, 2009

Chinese actor Shek Kin died at age 96. Mr. Kin was best known for his role as the master villain Han in Bruce Lee's martial arts masterpiece "Enter the Dragon." On of the film's highlights was the climactic fight between a shirtless Bruce Lee and Shek Kin's villain. The fight scene is an homage to Orson Welles' classic ending in "The Lady From Shanghi," the fight takes place in a room full of mirrors. Mr. Kien's character had an artificial appendage made of razor sharp knives. It is one of the best fight sequences ever filmed. Shek Kin appeared in over 150 films in a career that began in the 1940s. He made a career playing villains, though he occasionally ventured into the realm of comedy and straight drama.

KOKO TAYLOR Died Jun. 3, 2009

Born and raised in Memphis, Koko Taylor moved to Chicago at age 23 and against all odds became the Queen of Blues in the Windy City. She ended up winning a Grammy as well as 25 W.C. Handy Awards during her long career. She appeared in the films "Mercury Rising," "Wild at Heart" and "Blues Brothers 2000." Ms. Taylor's songs have been heard on the soundtracks of many films and TV shows including "True Blood" and "Big Momma's House."

DEL MONROE Died Jun. 5, 2009

Prolific character actor Del Monroe died of leukemia at age 79. Mr. Monroe was best know for his role as seaman Kowalski in both the film and TV series versions of Irwin Allen's "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." He also worked with Irwin Allen on the TV series "The Time Tunnel." Mr. Monroe worked mainly on TV. He appeared in dozens of TV series during the 1960s and 70s. Other TV credits include "Fame," "The Incredible Hulk," "The Dukes of Hazzard," "Wonder Woman," "Hunter," "The Rockford Files," "Emergency!," "S.W.A.T.," "The F.B.I.," "Gunsmoke," "Ironside," "Mod Squad," "Mission: Impossible," "Adam-12," "Longstreet," "The Virginian," "Lancer," "The Legend of Jesse James" and "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp." Del Monroe played one of the bad guys in the original cult classic "Walking Tall." He also appeared in Michael Douglas's debut film "Adam at 6 A.M."

CHARLES FORTSON Died Jun. 5, 2009

Stunt driver Charles Fortson died at age 60. Mr. Fortson drove with the Joey Chitwood Thrill Show for over 25 years. He worked on the TV series "Spenser for Hire" for three years. His film credits include "The Law and Harry McGraw," "Licensed to Drive," "Midnight Crossing," "Made in U.S.A." and "The Alchemist."

MARY HOWARD Died Jun. 6, 2009

Actress turned philanthropist Mary Howard died at age 94. Ms. Howard appeared in 30 films during the 1930s and early 1940s. Ms. Howard retired from acting after marrying Broadway producer Alfred de Liagre in 1945. Ms. Howard spent her years working for a number of charitable organizations. Ms. Howard was a contract player with MGM. Her many credits include "The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe," "The Riders of the Purple Sage," "Billy the Kid," "Abe Lincoln in Illinois," "Nurse Edith Cavell," "Love Finds Andy Hardy," "Marie Antoinette," "Test Pilot" and "The Great Ziegfeld."

BOB BELL Died Jun. 6, 2009

British art director Bob Bell died. His age was not given. Mr. Bell will be best remembered by fans of Gerry Anderson's TV shows "Thunderbirds," "Fireball XL5" and "UFO." Mr. Bell designed the fantastic and futuristic sets for the imaginative 1960s puppet TV series. Mr. Bell also worked on such feature films as "The Wild Geese" and "Lion of the Desert." Mr. Bell served his country in the Royal Army during WWII and saw action in North Africa.

RALPH SHIVELY Died Jun. 7, 2009

Auctioneer Ralph Shively died at age 81. Mr. Shively was the father of casting director/actress/stuntwoman Debby Shively. His daughter got her father a role as Doc Buggins in "Hoosiers."

SABRINA BELLADONNA (Edith Speed) Died Jun. 7, 2009

Famed dominatrix Sabrina Belladonna died after a lengthy battle with cancer. Her age was not given. Mistress Belladonna was one of L.A.'s premiere dominatrix. She was also a spokesperson and educator for the S&M lifestyle. She appeared in several films and documentaries including "Headspace," "Misbehaving Maid," "Honor Thy Bitch" and "Doma Nation."

HUGH HOPPER Died Jun. 7, 2009

British composer Hugh Hopper died of leukemia at age 64. Mr. Hopper was bassist for the 1960s/70s progressive British rock/jazz fussion band "Soft Machine." Mr. Hopper was a fixture of the Canterbury scene from which The Soft Machine sprang. He played with that band from 1968 to 1973. The group appeared on a number of TV shows including "Beat-Club," "Anatomy of Pop" and "Omnibus."

DAVID DALZELL Died Jun. 7, 2009

Camera operator died of cancer at age 70. Mr. Dalzell's credits include "The Buddy Holly Story" and "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" among others. He was the son of cinematographer Archie Dalzell who shot the original "Little Shop of Horrors." Mr. Dalzell also has a brother, sister, two children and two grandchildren all working in the industry. He served his country in the US Army.

HABIB TANVIR Died Jun. 8, 2009

Actor, theater director, poet, playwright, political leader Habib Tanvir died at age 85. Mr. Tanvir worked to establish theaters of the people in his native India. He worked toward using both indigenous peoples along with trained actors to create a new theatrical language. His film credits include a role in Sir Richard Attenborogh's biopic "Gandhi."

CHIP HAND Died Jun. 8, 2009

Singer, teacher, actor, producer Chip Hand lost his life long battle with depression and committed suicide at age 55. Mr. Hand was a talented singer who passed his craft on to others as a patient teacher for more than 30 years. HIs acting credits include the film "The Wild McCullochs" and voice work as the lead character in the animated series "Butch Cassidy." Actor Larry Wilcox shared his powerful story of his friendship with Mr. Hand. You can (and should) read it. Here is the link: Prayers of comfort and healing for his family and friends.

JOHNNY PALERMO Died Jun. 8, 2009

Actor Johnny Palermo and his girlfriend Alessandra Giangrande were killed in a car crash in Los Angeles. The 27-year-old actor was best known for his guest role on the TV series "Everybody Hates Chris." Mr. Palermo was a regular on the Nickelodeon TV series "Just for Kicks." Mr. Palermo's other credits include "Pizza With Bullets," "Rules of Engagement," "CSI: Miami," "How I Met Your Mother," "CSI: NY," "General Hospital," "ER," "Without a Trace," "Days of Our Lives" and "Cold Case." Prayers of comfort for the family and friends of both Mr. Palermo and Ms. Giangrande.


German actor Karl Michael Vogler died at age 80. Mr. Vogler appeared in over 110 films and TV shows during his career. International audiences will remember Mr. Vogler best for his role as Field Marshall Irwin Rommel in the Oscar-winning biopic "Patton." In addition to the many films he made in Germany, Mr. Vogler appeared in several internationally known films. Those include "Downhill Racer" and "Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines." Mr. Vogler's many credits include "Tatort," "Shout at the Devil," "Deep End," "Der Kommissar," "House of Pleasure," "Othello," "How I Won the War" and "The Blue Max."

MICHAEL ROOF Died Jun. 9, 2009

Actor and standup comedian Michael Roof committed suicide at age 32. Mr. Roof left a wife and three sons. Mr. Roof complimented his successful comedy career with success on the big screen. He may be best remembered as Agent Toby Lee SHavers in the two "xXX" films. Other credits include "Black Hawk Down" and big screen version of "The Dukes of Hazzard." Sand-up comedian Spanky Brown paid tribute to Michael Roof on his blog. It is a powerful tale. Here is the link. Prayers of comfort for his family and friends.

JANET STEVENSON Died Jun. 9, 2009

Writer, teacher, activist, small-town mayor Janet Stevenson died at age 96. Ms. Stevenson was the former wife of the the late Oscar-nominated writer Philip Stevenson. THe pair shared writing credits on the films "The Law vs. Billy the Kid," "The Man from Cairo" and "Counter-Attack." Mr. Stevenson, Oscar-moniated for "The Story of G.I. Joe," was blacklisted in the 1950s for communist ties. The couple divorced in 1964 and Mr. Stevenson died in the U.S.S.R. the following year. Ms. Stevenson was a novelist, teacher and two-term mayor of Hammond Oregon.

TENNIEL EVANS Died Jun. 10, 2009

British actor Tenniel Evans died at age 83. Mr. Evans was best known in the UK for his work on the radio comedy show "The Navy Lark." Among the many films and TV shows Mr. Evans appeared in are "William and Mary," "Lovejoy," "Inspector Morse," "Sakharov," "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes," "Rumpole of the Bailey," "Coronation Street," "Doctor Who," "Z Cars," "Softly Softly," "The Avengers," "The Saint," "The Forsyte Saga" and "ITV Play of the Week."

HELLE VIRKNER Died Jun. 10, 2009

Award-winning Danish actress Helle Virkner died of cancer at age 83. Ms. Virkner was the former wife of Danish Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag. Ms. Virkner won the Best Actress Bodil award in 1963 for her work in "Den Kære Familie." In 2007 she was given an honorary Bodil for her 60 year career. Ms. Virkner worked on stage, in film and on TV. One of her later notable credits was as a psychic on Lars Von Triers spooky TV series "Kingdom." SHe also appeared in several of the "Olsen Gang" films during the 1970s.

YVONNE D'ANGERS Died Jun. 10, 2009

Former topless dancer and actress Yvonne D'Angers died at age 64. Born in Iran, she moved to the US and settled in San Francisco. She became one of the first topless dancers in the US. She played a big role in the court case which upheald the legality of topless dancing. When the federal government later tried to deport her, Ms. D'Angers chained herself to the Golden Gate Bridge in protest. She won her case to stay in the country. Ms D'Angers settled in Las Vegas in the 1970s. She appeared in several films including Stuart Rosenberg's comedy "Move" and Russ Meyers studio backed movie "The Seven Minutes."

JACK NIMITZ Died Jun. 10, 2009

Famed jazz saxaphonist Jack Nimitz died of complications from emphysema at age 79. Mr. Nimitz played with such luminaries as Woody Herman, Johnny Mandell, Herbie Mann and Stan Kenton. His music can be heard on the soundtracks of "Bullitt" and the original "The Manchurian Candidate."

BRUCE WATSON Died Jun. 11, 2009

Actor Bruce Watson committed suicide at age 68. He lost his battle with bi-polar disorder. Mr. Watson was best known for his role as crewman Green on the first episode of "Star Trek" to air on TV. His numerous TV credits include "Adam-12," "Charlie's Angels," "Barnaby Jones," "The F.B.I.," "Mannix," "Bonanza," "Felony Squad," "Gomer Pyle: USMC," "Combat!," "Route 66" and "My Three Sons." His film credits include "This Property Condemned," "Johnny Got His Gun," "The Swinging Barmaids" and "Bucktown."

DAVID RICHARDS Died Jun. 11, 2009

Actor David Richards of cardiac arrest while undergoing treatment for leukemia the day before his 63rd birthday. Mr. Richards was a staple of the Denver theater scene. His film and TV credits include "Star Trek: Enterprise," "The Young and the Restless," "Party of Five," "Seinfeld," "Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss," "Perry Mason: The Case of the Reckless Romeo," "Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Fashion," "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.," "The Big Valley," "The Legend of Jesse James" and "A Patch of Blue."

ELLE ELLIOT Died Jun. 11, 2009

Emmy-nominated hair stylist and make-up artist Elle Elliot died at age 70. Ms. Elliot was a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 706. She shared an Emmy nomination for her work on the true-crime TV movie "Mrs. Harris." She frequently worked with Kevin Costner. Her film and TV credits include "Dances with Wolves," "JFK," "The Bodyguard," "A Perfect World," "Wyatt Earp," "Waterworld," "Tin Cup," "The Postman," "Thirteen Days," "Open Range" and "3000 Miles to Graceland."

SHAYE COGAN Died Jun. 12, 2009

Singer/actress Shaye Cogan died at age 85. Ms. Cogan began singing with her two brothers. She was discovered at the Copacabana Club and offered a job with the Vaughn Monroe Orchestra. She was a regular on "The Vaughn Monroe Show" TV show. Ms. Cogan co-starred in two Abbott and Costello films: "Comin' Round the Mountain " and "Jack and the Beanstalk." She appeared with Buddy Holly and many others as part of Alan Freed's "Great Holiday Rock 'n Roll Show" in 1957. She appeared as herself in the Alan Freed biopic "Mister Rock and Roll."

YVES-MARIE MAURIN Died Jun. 14, 2009

French actor Yves-Marie Maurin died at age 65. He was part of an acting family. He and his siblings followed their mother in the family business. Mr. Maurin was a child actor when he appeared in the classic horror film "Diabolique." He was know to people in France for doubling actor David Hasselhoff's voice on "Baywatch" and "K2000." He was the younger brother of French movie star Patrick Dewaere. His brother committed suicide at the height of his stardom in 1982. Mr. Maurin's other film and TV credits include "Is Paris Burning?," "Lovejoy" and "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Bisexual" and "The Moon in the Gutter."

BOB BOGLE Died Jun. 14, 2009

Rock legend Bob Bogel died of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at age 75. Mr. Bogel, along with friend Don Wilson co-founded classic instrumental rock band The Ventures. The boys from a garage in Tacoma Washington set the sound that would come to represent the Southern California surfer scene in the 1960s. Mr. Bogel was the lead guitarist for the group. Their many iconic hits include "Walk, Don't Run," "Pipeline," "Wipe-Out," "Apache," "Hawaii 5-0," "Tequila" and "Telestar." The band sold over 100,000,000 records. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008. You have heard Mr. Bogel's work in numerous films. The guitar licks that close-out "Pulp Fiction," that's Bob Bogel playing "Surf Rider." Among his many other soundtrack credits are "Madagascar," "The Simpsons," "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," "The O.C.," "Zoolander," "61*," "American Pie," "A Very Brady Sequel," "Wayne's World 2," "This Boy's Life," "Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever," "The Wonder Years," "Wired," "Crocodile Dundee II," "Aloha Summer" and "Shindig!"

The photo features the classic line-up of The Ventures. It features (From the right) Mr. Bogel, bassist Nokie Edwards, fellow co-founder and guitarist Don Wilson and drummer Mel Taylor (showing us how its done in this performance of Wipe-Out!

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