Wednesday, June 30, 2010

R.I.P. Barbara Yomtob

Who? For a number of years I was a regular on the Voy Forum Celebrity Obit Board. It was not only a great source of info for the column I wrote when I was at EInsiders, it was a cyber-family. A small group of individuals who were there for me with support and prayers when Christy was injured.

I left the Voy board on Thanksgiving 2008. After a particularly nasty and anonymous attack on my beliefs and family (from someone who obviously knew me) I decided that I would chuck it all in. It was hard, even though I have remained in contact with a number of people on the board.

The board was managed with more patience than I could ever muster by a wonderful woman named Barbara Yomtob. I hate that my final contact with Barbara was an angry one. As she had access to the IP addresses of the posters, I e-mailed her to find out who had posted the attack. She refused (which she should have done: privacy issues). I said fine. Take my photo off the gallery, and I never looked back. I regret that now. Barbara died a few days ago after suffering a stroke last year.