Saturday, December 7, 2013


TIMOTHY RECORD Died Mar. 1, 2009

38-year-old production assistant Timothy Record was shot to death as he sat in his car. Mr. Record was the spokesman for Homeboy Industries, an organization aimed at helping former gang members become productive members of society. Mr. Record was a production assistant on such films as "Forrest Gump," "Guess Who," "First Sunday" and "S.W.A.T." He also had a cameo role in "Forrest Gump." Prayers of comfort for his family and friends. May others continue the fine work he performed in trying to help a generation of kids lost to gangs.

IRVING BUCHMAN Died Mar. 1, 2009

Veteran makeup artist Irv Buchman died of congestive heart failure at age 84. Mr. Buchman worked on some of the greatest films made during Hollywood's renaisance of the 1960s and 70s. Mr. Buchman worked on such classics as Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver," John Schlesinger's "Midnight Cowboy," Mel Brooks' "The Producers" and "The French Connection." His other credits include "Avalon," "Sea of Love," "All the Right Moves," "Diner," "The Final Countdown," "Night of the Juggler," "92 in the Shade," "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three," "The Friends of Eddie Coyle," the original version of "The Heartbreak Kid," "The Hot Rock," "Klute," "A New Leaf," "Where's Poppa?," "John and Mary," "Alice's Restaurant," "The Night They Raided Minsky's," "The Group" and "A Thousand Clowns."

H. C. RIBLETT Died Mar. 1, 2009

Professor and production assistant H.C. Riblett died at age 80. Mr. Riblett was the head of the Audio and Visual department at the University of Pittsburgh during the 1950s and 60s. He worked with director George Romero on his films "Night of the Living Dead," "The Crazies" and "Hungry Wives." Mr. Riblett served his country in the US Army during WWII.


Producer Christopher Vicente died of respiratory complications at age 41. Mr. Vicente worked as a producer for VH-1 and MTV and later the Oxygen network. His credits include "VH-1 Fashion and Music Awards," "Soul Of VH-1" and "Real World Awards Show." At the time of his death Mr. Vicente was working on a new program titled "Models Of The Runway." Prayers of comfort for his family and friends.

JOAN TURNER Died Mar. 1, 2009

Irish singer, comedian and actress Joan Turner died at age 86. Ms. Turner was popular during the 1960s and 70s. She did comedy, sung everything from pop music to opera and appeared in film and TV and on stage at London's West End. Ms. Turner's credits include "All About the Benjamins," "Scandal," "No Surrender," as Marilyn Chamber's posh aunt in the 1980 porn classic "Insatiable," "Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes," "The Roy Hudd Show" and "The Frankie Howerd Show."

ROBERT HAGGIAG Died Mar. 1, 2009

Producer Robert Haggiag died of pancreatic cancer at age 95. Mr. Haggiag founded Dear Films which distributed US movies in Italy. He worked in production capacities on over 50 films. Mr. Haggiag's credits include "The Barefoot Contessa," "Beat The Devil," "El Cid," "Candy," "The Birds, the Bees, and the Italians," "Lady Chatterly," "The Thief of Venice" and "Johnny Got His Gun." Mr. Haggiag won a David di Donatello award for "The Birds, the Bees, and the Italians." He was the father of producers Michael and Simone Haggiag.

ROBERT BRUCE Died Mar. 2, 2009

Wrestler turned stuntman and talent agent Robert Bruce died at age 65 following a short illness. Mr. Bruce was a popular wrestler in new Zealand. He retired from wrestling and became a stuntman and fight coordinator for film and TV productions. His credits include "What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?," "Desperate Remedies," "The Piano," "Mesmerized," "Death Warmed Over" and "The Navigator."

SYDNEY CHAPLIN Died Mar. 3, 2009

Tony-winning actor Sydney Chaplin died of complications following a stroke he suffered last year. Mr. Chaplin was the eldest son of movie legend Charlie Chaplin. He won a Tony Award for his 1958 Broadway debut in "Bells are Ringing." He was nominated for a second Tony for playing Nick Arnstein opposite Barbra Streisand in "Hello Dolly." Mr. Chaplin appeared in two of his father's films: "Limelight" and "A Countess from Hong Kong." Sidney Chaplin appeared in dozens of films and TV shows. Among his credits are "Satan's Cheerleaders," "The Bionic Woman," "Baretta," "Switch," "Police Woman," "Psycho Sisters," "The Sicilian Clan," "The Adding Machine," "Gunfighters Die Harder," "Abdulla the Great" and the cult classic "Land of the Pharaohs." Mr. Chaplin also appeared in a number of documentaries about his famous father.

AKE LINDMAN Died Mar. 3, 2009

Award-winning Finnish director and actor Ake Lindman died at age 81. Mr. Lindman played for the Finnish soccer team at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics! He became a popular actor, appearing in nearly 100 films and TV shows. He turned to directing and helmed over two dozen films. Mr. Lindman won a Best Actor Jussi Award (Finland's highest film award) for his performance in the 1955 film "The Unknown Soldier." He won a Best Director Jussi in 1988 and received a Lifetime Achievement award in 2008. Mr. Lindman appeared in Jerry Lewis' unreleased Holocaust film "The Day the Clown Cried." His other acting credits include Warren Beatty's "Reds," Charles Bronson's "Telefon," "The Shoes of the Fisherman," "Billion Dollar Brain," "Anna Christie." In addition to the many Finnish films he directed, Mr. Lindman did second unit work on such international productions as "The Fourth Protocol" and "The Kremlin Letter." He was a production consultant on the British thriller "The Eagle Has Landed."

TONY LARIMAR Died Mar. 3, 2009

Actor Tony Larimer died of lung cancer at age 79. Mr. Larimer was active in the Salt Lake theater scene. He taught English and drama to high school kids for nearly 40 years. He also acted and directed in plays at a number of Utah theaters. Mr. Larimer's film and TV credits include "The Writers' Block," "Humble Pie," "Stalking Santa," "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," "The Crow: Salvation" and "A Crime of Passion."

HORTON FOOTE Died Mar. 4, 2009

Oscar, Emmy and Pulitzer prize winning writer Horton Foote died at age 92. Mr. Foote received three Oscar nominations, winning twice. He won Oscars and Writer's Guild awards for his screenplays for "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "Tender Mercies." Mr. Foote's third Oscar and WGA nomination was for his adaptation of his novel "The Trip to Bountiful." He was also co-producer on "Tender Mercies" and "The Trip to Bountiful." Horton Foote also received the honorary Laurel Award for Screen Writing Achievement from the Writer's Guild in 1993. Mr. Foote received two Emmy nominations for adapting William Faulkner's story "Old Man" to the small screen. The first production was in 1956 for "Playhouse 90." He won the Emmy for the 1997 version. Horton Foote's many credits include "Main Street," "Alone," the 1992 TV version of "Of Mice and Men," "The Habitation of Dragons," "Convicts," "1918," "Barn Burning," "Hurry Sundown," "The Chase," "Baby the Rain Must Fall," "Playhouse 90," "Studio One," "Storm Fear" and "The Philco Television Playhouse."


Italian director Salvatore Samperi died at age 64. Mr. Samperi was known for directing sex comedies during the 1970s. His 1973 film "Malice" helped launch Laura Antonelli's career as a sex goddess. Other credits include "Thank You, Aunt," "The Corruption," "The Dark Side of Love" and "Chaste and Pure."

RAY QUARTERSON Died Mar. 4, 2009

Carpenter Ray Quarterson died at age 59. Mr. Quarterson was the head carpenter at the DEG Film Studio in North Carolina. His credits include "The Bedroom Window," "Mr. Destiny," "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Sleeping With the Enemy" and"Tune In Tomorrow." Mr. Quarterson was a decorated US Marine who served his country during the Vietnam War. Thanks for your service to our country.

ALBERTO ZOPPE Died Mar. 5, 2009

Circus trick rider Alberto Zoppe died at age 87. Mr. Zoppe was one of the most renowned horsemen in the world. He performed around the world for decades. Mr. Zoppe appeared in Cecil B. Demille's Oscar-winner "The Greatest Show on Earth," "Thoroughly Modern Millie," "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson."

KYLE TUCY SWEET Died Mar. 5, 2009

Makeup artist Kyle Tucy Sweet died of ovarian and lung cancer at age 52. She worked as a makeup artist on such films as "The Terminator," "Wisdom," "Teen Wolf," "Ghost," "Repo Man" and "The Ladyhood." Ms. Sweet was the wife of Michael Sweet, the lead singer of the Christian rock band "Stryper." Her family is comforted by her faith in the resurrection through her savior Jesus Christ. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.

ABE MANDELL Died Mar. 5, 2009

TV executive Abe Mandell died at age 89. Mr. Mandell was the president of ITC Entertainment for nearly three decades. His company was responsible for such popular TV shows as "The Muppet Show" and "Space: 1999." The American born Mr. Mandell was hired by Sir Lew Grade in the 1950s to run the sales department of ITC. Mr. Mandell ended up running the company. Mr. Mandell served his country in the US Army during WWII.

GEORGE MCKELVEY Died Mar. 6, 2009

Comedian George McKelvey died of a stroke at age 72. Mr. McKelvey was the co-founder of the Denver comedy club "Comedy Works." Mr. McKelvey recorded the 'protest song you can dance to' titled "My Teenage Fallout Queen." He appeared on such TV shows as "The Merv Griffin Show," "Showcase '68" and "The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson." Mr. McKelvey had a small part in the movie "The Astronaut Farmer."

ANTHONY FINIGAN Death announced Mar. 6, 2009

Actor Anthony Finigan died at age 83. He began his career in radio and moved on to stage, films and TV. Mr. Finigan's credits include Richard Attenborough's "Closing the Ring," "Aristocrats," "Cycle of Violence" and "Oliver Twist."

JIMMY BOYD Died Mar. 7, 2009

Singer Jimmy Boyd died of cancer at age 70. Mr. Boyd sang the hit song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" when he was 13 years old. Country singer Molly Bee also had a hit with the song when she was 13 years old. Ms. Bee died last month. Mr. Boyd was once married to actress Yvonne Craig. He turned to acting and appeared in a number of films and TV shows. Mr. Boyd's many credits include "Brainstorm," "Mean Dog Blues," "Contract on Cherry Street," "Norwood," the TV series "Batman," "My Three Sons," "Bachelor Father," "Shirley Temple's Storybook," "Inherit the Wind" and "Space Patrol."

JANG JA-YEON Died Mar. 7, 2009

27-year-old Korean actress Jang Ja-Yeon committed suicide by hanging. Ms. Ja-Yeon had a supporting role on the hit TV series "Boys Over Flowers." The Korean series was the third TV series to be based on the Japanese comic of the same name. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.

TULLIO PINELLI Died Mar. 7, 2009

Oscar-nominated writer Tullio Pinelli died at age 100. Mr. Pinelli was a frequent collaborator with master director Federico Fellini. Mr. Pinelli wrote 13 films for Fellini. He shared four Oscar nominations with Federico Fellini for the films "," "La Dolce Vita," "I Vitelloni" and "La Strada." Mr. Pinelli's other Fellini credits include "Love in the City," "Boccaccio '70," "Ginger and Fred," "Juliet of the Spirits" and "Nights of Cabiria." Tullio Pinelli worked on over 80 films and TV shows during his career. He wrote or contributed to the miniseries "Christopher Columbus," "Alfredo, Alfredo," "The Garden of the Finzi-Continis," "Sweet Charity" and "Francis of Assisi."

MICHAEL HYDE Died Mar. 8, 2009

Construction foreman Mike Hyde died of pancreatic cancer at age 48. Mr. Hyde was married to scenic painter Victoria Hamilton. The couple ran a Toronto based company for specializing in set construction and production. Mr. Hyde's credits include "John Q," "Jane Doe," "Harriet the Spy," "The Santa Clause" and "Naked Lunch."

RAMONA GARCIA CORONADO Death announced Mar. 8, 2009

Actress and singer Ramona Garcia Coronado died at age 104. Ms. Coronado drew attention for her role as The Singing Woman in the 2002 film "Real Women Have Curves."

ANNA MANAHAN Death announced Mar. 8, 2009

Tony-winning Irish actress Anna Manahan died at age 84. Ms. Manahan won a Tony for her work in the 1997 production of "Beauty Queen." She was previously nominated for a Tony for the 1969 play "Lovers." She played one of the witches in Ray Harryhausen's final film "Clash of the Titans." Ms. Manahan's many film and TV credits include "Woman Found Dead in Elevator," "A Man of No Importance," "Lovejoy," "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," "Heaven Only Knows," "All Dogs Go to Heaven," the 1980 TV version of "A Tale of Two Cities," "Z Cars," "The Viking Queen" and "Ulysses."

HANK LOCKLIN Died Mar. 8, 2009

Country singer Hank Locklin died at age 91. Mr. Locklin had scores of hit records during his lengthy career. One of his best know songs was "Please Help Me, I'm Falling." His songs can be heard on the soundtracks of "Opry Video Classics: Love Ballads," "Live and Swingin': The Ultimate Rat Pack Collection" and Clint Eastwood's "A Perfect World."

LISA RENEE DAVIS Died Mar. 9, 2009

Bartlett, Tennessee model Lisa Davis was murdered at age 29. Ms. Davis was last seen on Sunday morning after being dropped off by friends following a night out on Beale Street. One member of her party returned to her house and killed her. Officers questioned the man on Sunday the 9th. When the officers returned on the 10th to question the man again, the subject committed suicide. He left a note informing the police what happened and where Ms. Davis' body could be found. Ms. Davis worked as a bikini model and appeared in a number of commercials and music videos. She was an extra in "The Open Road" and played a 'Bikini Babe' in "Final Destination 4." Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.


Actress Terri VandenBosch (married name Hertz) died of chronic kidney disease at age 46. Ms. VandenBosch played Frannie Hughes on the soap opera "As the World Turns." After two years she was written out of the show. Julianne Moore later took over the role. She also appeared on the first episode of "The Catlins." Ms. VandenBosch retired from acting and moved to Mexico. In the years after "As the World Turns" Ms. VandenBosch worked as a scuba dive instructor, dolphin trainer and EMT. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends, especially her young daughter Skylar.

DANN BYCK Died Mar. 10, 2009

Business man turned Broadway and Hollywood producer Dann Byck died of cancer. His age was not given. Mr. Byck was the husband of writer Marsha Norman. He produced the Broadway and film versions of her play "'night Mother." He also produced the TV movie version of her play "The Laundromat." "The Laundromat" was directed by Robert Altman. In 1964, Mr. Byck was one of the founders of the Actors Theater in Louisville, Kentucky.

DEREK BENFIELD Died Mar. 10, 2009

British writer and actor Derek Benfield died the day before his 83rd birthday. Mr. Benfield acted in over 80 films and TV shows. He also wrote stage plays and scripts for TV. Mr. Benfield's starred in the TV series "The Brothers" and was a regular on the series "Timeslip," "Hetty Wainthropp Investigates" and "First of the Summer Wine." His many acting credits also include "Lovejoy," "Lifeforce," "Remington Steele," "Rumpole of the Bailey," "Z Cars," "Dixon of Dock Green," "Doomwatch," "Softly Softly," "Coronation Street" and "Room at the Top." In addition to doing guest spots on "Dixon of Dock Green," Mr. Benfield also wrote four scripts for the TV series.

JAMES PYBURN Died Mar. 10, 2009

Construction coordinator James Pyburn died at age 39. Mr. Pyburn was a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 44. Mr. Pyburn's credits include "Volcano," "61*," "October Road" and "The Rookie."

LAURA TOSCANO Died Mar. 11, 2009

Italian writer Laura Toscano died at age 65. Ms. Toscano wrote mainly for Italian TV. She was one of five writers who scripted the cult classic WWII movie "The Inglorious Bastards." The film is a favorite of director Quentin Tarantino. His remake of the 1978 film is set to be released later this year. Ms. Toscano's other credits include "Lucia," "The Sicilian Connection," "Bingo Bongo," "I Hate Blondes" and "The Night Child."

VAN JOSEPH FARRIER Death announced Mar. 11, 2009

Actor and costumer Van Joseph Farrier died of cancer at age 49. Mr. Farrier was active in theater in New York and Houston. He was a costumer on the soap oepras "Young and The Restless" and "The Bold and The Beautiful."

PEDRO RIVERA Died Mar. 11, 2009

Retired Columbia producer Pedro Rivera died at age 82. Mr. Rivera's credits include "Cumbia" and "Santo Faces Death."

JENNY TANGHE Died Mar. 11, 2009

Belgian actress Jenny Tanghe died at age 82. Ms. Tanghe appeared in over 70 films and TV shows during her career. She was best known in her native land for her role on the 1960s TV series "Wij, Heren van Zichem." Ms. Tanghe's many credits include "Drive Me Crazy," "Pauline & Paulette," "A Dog of Flanders," "The Flying Dutchman" and "RIP."

CHARLES "MASK" LEWIS Died Mar. 11, 2009

Mixed Martial Arts promoter and TapouT clothing line founder Charles Lewis was killed in a car accident at age 45. Mr. Lewis was a former US Marine and California sheriff's deputy before discovering the world of mixed martial arts in the 1990s. Ther rest is history. Mr. Lewis founded the successful clothing line as well as working toi raise interest in the sport of MMA fighting. He appeared on the TV show "Inside MMA." Prayers of comfort for his family and friends.

MILAN STITT Died Mar. 12, 2009

Author and playwright Milan Stitt died at age 68. His play "The Runner Stumbles" was produced on Broadway and became a 1979 film starring Dick Van Dyke and Kathleen Quinlan. The play was based on the murder of a nun in Michigan in 1911. Actor Austen Pendelton first produced the play off Broadway in 1974. Mr. Stitt's other credits include "The Gentleman Bandit" and "Ephraim McDowell's Kentucky Ride."

ANNE BROWN Died Mar. 13, 2009

Soprano Anne Brown died at age 96. Ms. Brown played Bess in the original 1935 Broadway production of Gershwin's classic "Porgy and Bess." She reprised her role in a 1942 Broadway revival of the folk opera. Ms. Brown's other Broadway credits include "Mamba's Daughters" and "Pins and Needles." Mr. Brown's film and TV credits include "Rhapsody in Blue," "Babes in Toyland," "Broadway: The American Musical," "Great Performances," "American Masters" and "Starlit Days at the Lido."

BETSY BLAIR Died Mar. 13, 2009

Oscar-nominated actress Betsy Blair died at age 85. Ms. Blair was the ex-wife of Gene Kelly and the widow of director Karel Reisz. Ms. Blair received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for co-starring in the 1955 film "Marty." Co-star Earnest Borgnine won the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in the title role. Betsy Blair appeared in over 30 films and TV shows. She was blacklisted for her communist activities. In addition to her film and TV work, Ms. Blair enjoyed success on the stage. Her film and TV credits include "Scarlett," "thirtysomething," "Marcus Welby, M.D.," "Betrayed," "Tales of the Unexpected," "A Delicate Balance," "All Night Long," "Lies My Father Told Me," "The Snake Pit" and "Another Part of the Forest."

ALAN LIVINGSTON Died Mar. 13, 2009

Music exec and writer Alan Livingston died at age 91. He was the brother of the late Oscar-winning composer Jay Livingston. Mr. Livingston created the character Bozo the Clown while working at Capitol Records. Bozo made the jump from vinyl to video with the TV show "Bozo's Circus." Mr. Livingston then sold the rights to the character to Larry Harmon, the man most identified with the Bozo franchise. Mr. Harmon died last July. As president of Capitol Records Mr. Livingston was the man responsible for bringing The Beatles to the US.

DICK ROSS Died Mar. 14, 2009

Christian film producer Dick Ross died at age 90. Mr. Ross devoted his filmmaking talents to further the kingdom of Christ. He produced the first Christian feature film "Mr. Texas" in 1951. His best known film was the 1970 feature "The Cross and the Switchblade." The film was based on David Wilkerson's book about his outreach to teen gangs in New York during the 1950s. Pat Boone starred as Rev. Wilkerson. Erik Estrada made his film debut as gang leader turned evangelist Nicky Cruz. Mr. Ross formed his own production company in the late 1940s. He worked for a number of production companies including Billy Graham's World Wide Pictures. Mr. Ross's credits include "Portland Story," "Lincoln and Lee at Antietam: The Cost of Freedom," "Where It's At," "The Restless Ones," "Billy Graham Presents Man in the 5th Dimension" and "Souls in Conflict." Mr. Ross served his country in the US Army-Air Corp during WWII. He was held in a German POW camp after the B-24 on which was a navigator was shot down over Germany. Thanks for the service to our country and the Lord.

ALTOVISE DAVIS Died Mar. 14, 2009

Altovise Davis, the widow of Sammy Davis Jr. died of a stroke at age 65. Ms. Davis worked as a dancer and actress during her life. She was the thrid wife of the famed Rat Pack member. They married and 1970 and remained together until his death in 1990. Her film and TV credits include "Can't Stop the Music," "Kingdom of the Spiders," "Pipe Dreams," Laurence Harvey's final film "Welcome to Arrow Beach," "CHiPs," "Charlie's Angels" and "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson."

COY WATSON Died Mar. 14, 2009

Child actor turned news photographer Coy Watson died of stomach cancer at age 96. Mr. Watson was the oldest of nine brothers and sisters who appeared in hundreds films during the silent era through the 1930s and 40s. His brother Delmer Watson died last October. Mr. Watson's many film credits include the Lon Chaney Sr. version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "Restless Youth," "Show People," "Buttons," "Stella Dallas" and "While the Devil Laughs."

MILLARD KAUFMAN Died Mar. 14, 2009

Oscar-nominated writer Millard Kaufman died of heart failure at age 92. Mr. Kaufman received two Oscar nominations for writing "Bad Day at Black Rock" and "Take the High Ground!" He was also known for being the co-creator of "Mr. Magoo." Mr. Kaufman was credited with writing the Film Noir classic "Gun Crazy." He actually was a front for blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo. Mr. Kaufman petitioned the Writer's Guild to correct the credit in 1992. Mr. Kaufman's other writing credits include "Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb," "The Klansman," "Never So Few" and "Raintree County." Mr. Kaufman also wrote and directed "Convicts 4."

LEONARD KRYS Died Mar. 14, 2009

Actor Leonard Krys died at age 64. Mr. Krys became an actor at age 57 aftrer a career as a travel agent. His film and TV credits include "Promises," "Undocumented," "Land of Passion," "I Love Miami," "Hunted" and "Prisionera." In 1991, Mr. Krys suffered a heart attack on board a Lufthansa flight, prompting airlines to require placing defibrillators on domestic flights.

BETSY AMES Died Mar. 14, 2009

Voice actress Betsy Ames died of cancer at age 66. Ms. Ames was known for her voice work for Republican politicians. She also narrated "Lords of the Everglades" and "Scorpions and Lizards" for "National Geographic Specials." Ms. Ames appeared in the movies "Wedding Crashers," "Pecker" and the TV miniseries "Kennedy."

TERENCE EDMOND Died Mar. 14, 2009

British actor Terence Edmond died of lung disease at age 69. Mr. Edmond was one of the stars of the hit police TV series "Z Cars." His character PC Sweet was killed in the line of duty after appearing in 75 episodes of the long-running series. Mr. Edmonds' other credits include "The Bill," "A Taste for Death," "Poldark," "Eskimo Nell," "The Sex Thief," "The Persuaders," "Murder Ahoy" and "The Mind Benders."

ALAIN BASHUNG Died Mar. 14, 2009

French pop-rock superstar and actor Alain Bashung died of cancer at age 61. Mr. Bashung won more French Victoires (their Grammy) awards than any other musician in history. Mr. Bashung's music can be heard on the soundtracks of a number of French films and TV shows including "Immortal," "My Little Business" and "Same Old Song." His acting credits include "Arthur and the Invisibles," "Dandy," "Felix and Lola," "I Want It All," "Nothing But Lies" and "Nestor Burma, Shock Detective."

JACK LAWRENCE Died Mar. 15, 2009

Oscar-nominated composer Jack Lawrence Died at age 96. Mr. Lawrence shared an Oscar nomination with Richard Myers for the song "Hold My Hand" from the 1954 film "Susan Slept Here." His most famous song was "Beyond the Sea" recorded by Bobby Darin. Other hit songs include "Tenderly," "All or Nothing at All" and "Once Upon a Dream." His songs can be heard on the soundtracks of many films dating back to the 1930s. His film and TV credits include "Beyond the Sea," "Matchstick Men," "The Human Stain," "Finding Nemo," "Austin Powers: Goldmember," "The Sopranos," "The Rat Pack," "From the Earth to the Moon," "Cop Land," "Stealing Beauty," "Apollo 13," "The Shawshank Redemption," the remake of "Father of the Bride," "Scenes from a Mall," "Havana," "GoodFellas," "Men Don't Leave," "Black Rain," "Sea of Love," "Rocket Gibraltar," "Radio Days," "Sanford and Son," Disney's "Sleeping Beauty," "Torch Song," "This Is the Life," "Du Barry Was a Lady," the Marx Brothers' "The Big Store" and "Manhattan Merry-Go-Round."

RON SILVER Died Mar. 15, 2009

Tony and Drama Desk winning actor Ron Silver died of esophageal cancer at age 62. Mr. Silver won his Tony and Drama Desk awards for the 1988 production of "Speed the Plow." Ron Silver received two Emmy nominations for his work on the TV series "The West Wing" and in the true-crime movie "Billionaire Boys Club." Ron Silver appeared in over 100 films and TV shows during his career. Ron Silver also made news for his political activism. Ron Silver was a long-time liberal democrat who co-founded the Creative Coalition. Following the 9/11 attack on our country, Ron Silver became a staunch Republican and supported George Bush's War on Terror. Mr. Silver appeared as himself and was the narrator of the excellent documentary "Fahrenhype 9/11" which debunked Michael Moore's similarly named propaganda piece.

Ron Silver had great range as an actor. He was adept at drama, comedy, he was a leading man as well as the heavy. Several of his best performances came portraying real people. Mr. Silver portrayed Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz in David Cronenberg's "Reversal of Fortune." Mr. Silver received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of conman/murder victim Ron Levin in "Billionaire Boys Club." He played former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in "Kissinger and Nixon." Mr. Silver played tennis misogynist Bobby Riggs opposite Holly Hunter as Billie Jean King in "When Billie Beat Bobbie." His portrayal of attorney Robert Shapiro was one of the few good things about the lame TV movie "American Tragedy" which dealt with the O.J. Simpson trial. Mr. Silver played boxing trainer Angelo Dundee in the biopic "Ali."

Ron Silver made an outstanding badguy in the thriller "Blue Steel." Other film and TV credits include "Law & Order," "Veronica's Closet," "Chicago Hope," "Timecop," "Enemies: A Love Story," "Oh, God! You Devil," "Garbo Talks," "Romancing the Stone," "Silkwood," "Hill Street Blues," "Silent Rage," "The Entity," "Semi-Tough," "Tunnel Vision," "The Rockford Files," "McMillan & Wife" and "Rhoda."

COLE GITTINGER Died Mar. 15, 2009

Sound crew member Cole Gittinger was killed in a car accident at age 38. Mr. Gittinger worked on two dozen films during his career. His credits include "Saint John of Las Vegas," "In the Valley of Elah," "No Country for Old Men," "North Country" and "Spartan." Prayers of comfort for his family and friends.

EDMUND HOCKRIDGE Died Mar. 15, 2009

Canadian singer and actor Edmund Hockridge died at age 89. Mr. Hockridge enjoyed stage success in the UK during the 1950s. He appeared on a number of TV shows including "The Frankie Howerd Show," "The Bruce Forsyth Show," "Sunday Night at the London Palladium," "The Benny Hill Show" and "The Morecambe & Wise Show."

PHIL LAURENSON Died Mar. 16, 2009

Financial advisor and former actor Phil Laurenson died at age 62. Mr. Laurenson appeared in goremeister Herschel Gordon Lewis' films "The Wizard of Gore" and "The Gore Gore Girls."

CONNIE ZIMET Died Mar. 17, 2009

Noted voice actress Connie Zimet died of Lou Gehrig's Disease at age 67. Ms. Zimet voiced thousands of TV and radio commercials during her career. She also acted on stage and did voice work in film. She was the voice of Lucy Van Pelt on the album version of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Her film credits include "Ida Fanfanny and the Four Seasons" and "Miss Nelson Is Missing!"

MORT LACHMAN Died Mar. 17, 2009

Emmy-winning producer/writer Mort Lachman died of a heart attack at age 90. Mr. Lachman was a writer for Bob Hope for nearly 30 years. He also was a TV producer. Mr. Lachman won two Emmy awards for producing "All in the Family" and "The Girl Who Couldn't Lose." Mr. Lachman's producer credits include "Bagdad Cafe," "Kate & Allie," "The Stiller & Meara Show," "Gimme a Break!," "Sanford," "Archie Bunker's Place" and "The Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Show." His many writing credits include the feature film "Yours, Mine and Ours."


Tony-winning actress Natasha Richardson was killed in a freak skiing accident at age 45. Ms. Richardson fell on a beginner's ski trail in Canada. She appeared unharmed but complained later of not feeling well. Ms. Richardson came from a distinguished family of actors and filmmakers. She was the wife of actor Liam Neeson, the daughter of Vanessa Redgrave and the late director Tony Richardson and the sister of actress Joely Richardson. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.

Natasha Richardson won a Tony award for playing Sally Bowles in a 1998 revival of "Cabaret." Ms. Richardson appeared in over 70 films, TV shows and documentaries during her career. Among her memorable film roles were as the kidnapped heiress in Paul Schrader's "Patty Hearst," the futuristic political horror fable "The Handmaid's Tale," with her husband Liam Neeson and Jodie Foster in "Nell" and as the mom in the Lindsay Lohan remake of Disney's "The Parent Trap."

Other credits include "Asylum," "Chelsea Walls," "Blow Dry," "Tales from the Crypt," "Zelda," "Past Midnight," "The Comfort of Strangers," "Fat Man and Little Boy," "Gothic," "The Marseilles Connection," "The Charge of the Light Brigade," "Eugene O'Neill: A Documentary Film," "Saturday Night Live," "Late Show with David Letterman" and "Sean Connery Close Up."

MOULTRIE PATTON Died Mar. 18, 2009

Actor Moultrie Patton died of pneumonia at age 89. Mr. Patton was best known for his role as Walt Kupfer on the TV series "Northern Exposure." Mr. Patton acted on Broadway in film and on TV. He appeared in five Broadway plays including "The Andersonville Trial." His film and TV credits include "Love Is Strange," "Free Willy," "The Temp," "Better Off Dead," "Miami Vice" and "Route 66." Mr. Patton served his country in the US Army during WWII. He won the Silver Star as a tank commander during the invasion of Italy.

DR. BUCK RAINEY Died Mar. 18, 2009

Film historian Buck Rainey died at age 83. Professor Rainey's book are well known to Western film fans. His many books include "Western Gunslingers in Fact and on Film," "The Reel Cowboy," "The Life and Films of Buck Jones," "The Shoot-Em-Ups Ride Again," "The Fabulous Holts," "The Strong, Silent Type" and "Shoot-Em-Ups." Dr. Rainey served his country in the US Navy during WWII.

HARRY HARRIS Died Mar. 19, 2009

Emmy-winning director Harry Harris died of the bone marrow cancer myelodsplasia at age 86. Mr. Harris was nominated for two Emmy awards, a Daytime Emmy and a DGA award during his lengthy career. Mr. Harris won an Emmy for his work on the series "Fame." He received a second Emmy nomination for one of the forty episodes he directed of "The Waltons." Mr. Harris began his career at Columbia in the 1930s. Following service in the US Army during WWII Mr. Harris continued his career as an editor. He turned to directing in the 1960s. He directed episodes of over 70 TV series during his lengthy career. Mr. Harris' many credits include 35 episodes of "7th Heaven," "Beverly Hills, 90210," 21 episodes of "In the Heat of the Night," "MacGyver," "Spenser: For Hire," 32 episodes of "Falcon Crest," "Remington Steele," "Cagney & Lacey," "Dallas," 25 episodes of "Eight Is Enough," "Kung Fu," "Love, American Style," 24 episodes of "Land of the Giants," "Hawaii Five-O," "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," "Bonanza," "The Time Tunnel," "Lost in Space," "Mission: Impossible," 64 episodes of "Gunsmoke," "Branded," "Perry Mason," "Rawhide" and "Wanted: Dead or Alive."

CHRISTINE MOONEY Died Mar. 19, 2009

Costume designer Christine Mooney died of cancer. Her age was not given. She won the Canadian Leo Award for her work on "Stargate: SG-1." Ms. Mooney's other credits include "A Dog's Breakfast," "The Secret Life of Zoey," "The Chris Isaak Show," "As Time Runs Out," "The Sentinel," "She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal," "The Odyssey," "The Only Way Out," "The 6th Day," "The Amy Fisher Story" and "MacGyver."

JAMES ERSKINE Died Mar. 21, 2009

Actor James Erskine died at age 91. Mr. Erskine was part of the US Army's 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment during WWII. The regiment was the subject of the documentary film "Band of Brothers." Mr. Erskine took part in a number of major European battles including the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Market Garden. Mr. Erskine appeared numerous times on "The David Letterman Show" portraying president Abraham Lincoln. He also played Lincoln in several TV movies. Mr. Erskine's film and TV credits include "The Sopranos," "The Nazi Hunter," "Sweet and Lowdown," "Noises Off...," "F/X," "FDR: A One Man Show," "Act One," "Car 54, Where Are You?," "The Lincoln Murder Case" and "Robert Montgomery Presents." Thanks for your service to our country.

DANNY BATTERMAN Died Mar. 21, 2009

Australian cinematographer Danny Batterman died of cancer. His age was not given. Mr. Batterham worked in the Australian film industry for 40 years. His many credits include "Trapped," "Water Rats," "Heartbreak High," "Farscape," "Spellbinder," "Sniper," "Black Robe," "Till There Was You" and "Seven Little Australians."

JOHN CATER Died Mar. 21, 2009

Prolific British character actor John Cater died at age 77. In addition to his many stage credits, Mr. Cater appeared in over 150 films and TV shows. He was well known for his role in the 1970s TV series "The Duchess Of Duke Street." Horror movie fans remember Mr. Cater for his roles in "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter" and the two Vincent Price Films "The Abominable Doctor Phibes" and "Doctor Phibes Rises Again." Mr. Cater's many credits include "Midsomer Murders," "Alien Autopsy," "Rasputin," "Jeeves and Wooster," "Inspector Morse," "The House on Garibaldi Street," "I, Claudius," "Z Cars," "Dad's Army," "Up Pompeii," "Softly Softly," "The Avengers," "Doctor Who" and "Danger Man."

FLOYD FARRINGTON Died Mar. 22, 2009

Prop master Floyd Farrington died at age 88. Mr. Farrington was a member of I.A.T.S.E. Local 44. Mr. Farrington worked on both "The Amazing Shirking Man" in 1957 and "The Amazing Shirking Woman" in 1981! His other credits include "Rocky 2."

JADE GOODY Died Mar. 22, 2009

British reality TV star Jade Goody died of cervical cancer at age 27. Ms. Goody became a star in the UK when she was a contestant on the third season of the British version of "Big Brother." The show lead to a number of other TV gigs, business and book deals. Ms. Goody had her share of controversy during her run on "Big Brother." There were charges of racism and speculation of the first instance of sexual contact between contestants on the series. Ms. Goody was two days into her appearance on the India version of "Big Brother" when she was informed she had cervical cancer. Ms. Goody went public about her health battle and became the focus of many prayers and well wishes around the world. Her plight also brought attention to the pitfalls of socialized medicine as the British government would not allow screening for cervical cancer to women under the age of 25. Parliament decided to review the policy after the publicity surrounding Ms. Goody's case. Hopefull Ms. Goody's death will cause a change in policy in the UK and might save the lives of other young women who would not have died had they been allowed to be screened for cervical cancer. Jade Goody accepted Jesus Christ as her savior was baptized two weeks before her death. Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.

K.C. LIGON Died Mar. 23, 2009

Actress turned dialect coach K.C. Ligon died at age 60. Ms. Ligon was the wife of actor Tom Ligon. Ms. Ligon appeared in such TV shows as "The Paper Chase," "Starsky and Hutch," "The Adams Chronicles," "Police Woman," "The Bob Newhart Show" and "The Patty Duke Show." She worked as a dialect coach for many Broadway productions including "1776" and "Bus Stop." Her film and TV dialect coach credits include "The Salton Sea" and "After the Storm."

RONALD TAVEL Died Mar. 23, 2009

Playwright Ronald Tavel died aboard an airplane flight from his home in Bangkok to Berlin, Germany. The 72-year-old writer was known for his works in The Theater of the Ridiculous and wrote over 40 plays. He was a close collaborator with Andy Warhol in the 1960s, writing, directing and acting in a number of Warhol films. His film credits include "Chelsea Girls," "Hedy," "Poor Little Rich Girl," "Vinyl," "Harlot" and "Kitchen."

URIEL JONES Died Mar. 24, 2009

Motwon drummer Uriel Jones died of a heart attack at age 74. Mr. Jones was a member of Motown's legendary house band the Funk Brothers. Mr. Jones can be heard laying down the beat on such classic Motown hits as "My Girl," "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," "Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours" and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." Mr. Jones appeared as himself in the outstanding documentary "Standing in the Shadows of Motown: The Story of the Funk Brothers."

TERENCE LITTLE Died Mar. 24, 2009

Broadway stage manager Terence Little died at age 88. Mr. Little was production stage manager on over 40 Broadway plays. He was the dialogue coach on the film version of the Broadway play "Li'l Abner."

STEPHEN BACH Died Mar. 25, 2009

Studio exec, producer and author Stephen Bach died of cancer at age 70. Mr. Bach was an exec at United Artists when Michael Cimino's Western "Heaven's Gate" was produced. The film killed the studio and Mr. Bach was fired. He wrote the book "Final Cut" about the experience. The book is a classic look at the inner working of Hollywood. During the 1970s Mr. Bach was a partner in Pantheon Pictures. The company produced the classic thrillers "The Parallax View" and "The Taking of Pelham One Two Three." He also produced "Butch and Sundance: The Early Days" and "Mr. Billion." Though Mr. Bach's career was marked by the debacle of "Heaven's Gate," his tenure as an exec at UA saw the production of such films as "Raging Bull," "The French Lieutenant's Woman," "Annie Hall," "Eye of the Needle" and "Cutter and Bone." In addition to his book "Final Cut" Mr. Bach wrote biographies of Marlene Dietrich, Leni Riefenstahl and Moss Hart. Mr. Bach shared his craft with others as a professor at both Columbia University and Bennington College. For what it's worth, I liked "Heaven's Gate."

ALEXANDER LEPAK Died Mar. 25, 2009

Composer and musician Alexander Lepak died at age 88. Mr. Lepak played on such films as "Star Trek" and Steve Martin's "The Jerk." He also recorded with Frank Sinatra. Mr. Lepak served his country in the US Marines during WWII where he saw action in the Pacific.

KRISTINE GRECO Died Mar. 25, 2009

Actress, VFX artist, script supervisor Kristine Greco died. He age was not given. Ms. Greco was the niece of Spike Jones. She began her career as an actress appearing in such films and TV shows as "Tales from the Darkside," "Getting Wasted," "Grease," "Coach," "American Hot Wax," "Happy Days," "Emergency!," "Welcome Back Kotter," "The Young and the Restless" and "General Hospital." Ms. Greco became a highly respected script suprevisor. Her many credits include "Robin Hood: Men in Tights," "Invasion Earth: The Aliens Are Here," "Lady in White" and "Tales from the Darkside." She also worked in visual special effects. Her VFX credits include "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," "Sum of All Fears," "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," "Behind Enemy Lines," "Titanic," "Anna and the King," "Dante's Peak," "Atlantis" and "Cliffhanger." Ms. Greco continued to keep in touch with her acting roots as a day player on such shows as "October Road," "Dexter," "Studio 60," "Criminal Minds" and "Without a Trace."

DAN SEALS Died Mar. 25, 2009

Singer Dan Seals died of cancer at age 61. Mr. Seals enjoyed success in both the Pop and Country genres. As part of the duo "England Dan and John Ford Coley," he scored a huge hit with the song "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight." I can't hear that song without thinking about my old high school love Terri Williams. Wonder what ever happened to her? The pair appeared in the TV concert series "The Midnight Special." Mr. Seals' songs can be heard on the soundtracks of such films as "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star," "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and "Square Dance."

My friend, comedian Steve Bluestein was a friend of Dan Seals. He shared his thoughts with me: I knew Dan for 30 years... I was Seals and Crofts opening act and a family friend via my friendship with Susan Joseph, who managed Dan and John for a while. What I can say about them all is that they are decent, wonderful people and my heart is heavy this morning after learning of Dan's loss. The music industry has lost a wonderful voice... I have lost a part of my history.

ANNE CHILDERS Died Mar. 26, 2009

TV producer and production manager Anne Childers died at age 32. Ms. Childers was production manager on "History in Focus," "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," "History vs. Hollywood" and "Calling Bobcat." She worked as production coordinator on "Searching for Paradise," "Wet Hot American Summer," "Happy Accidents" and "Other Voices." Ms. Childers was either producer or line producer on the shows "Inked" and "Buck Nelson Presents: Lifting the Cloak of Mystery Off Rock Drumming." Prayers of comfort for her family and friends.

IRVING R. LEVINE Died Mar. 26, 2009

NBC newsman Irving R. Levine died at age 86. Mr. Levine worked for NBC from 1950 through 1995. He started with the network as a war correspondent during the Korean War. Mr. Levine began his journalism career as an obituary writer for The Providence Journal. Mr. Levine reported business news from 1971 until his retirement. Mr. Levine appeared as himself in the documentary "Korean War Stories" and on an episode of the TV series "Murphy Brown."

WAYNE LEWELLEN Died Mar. 26, 2009

Paramount distribution exec Wayne Lewellen died of cancer at age 65. Mr. Lewellen worked at Paramount for over 30 years. Mr. Lewellen worked at Warners and Columbia before joining Paramount.

MAURICE JARRE Died Mar. 28, 2009

Oscar, BAFTA, Grammy and Golden Globe winning composer Maurice Jarre died at age 84. Mr. Jarre composed scores for over 160 films and TV shows during his lengthy career. Mr. Jarre collaborated with many of the best directors in the history of film. He won three Oscars for his scores to the David Lean films "A Passage to India," "Doctor Zhivago" and "Lawrence of Arabia." Mr. Jarre received another five Oscar nominations for his scores to the films "Ghost," "Gorillas in the Mist," "Witness," "The Message" and "Sundays and Cybele." He was nominated for a Best Song Oscar for John Huston's hilarious Western "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean." Mr. Jarre was nominated for three BAFTAs, winning for "Dead Poets Society" and "Witness." His ten Golden Globe nominations resulted in four wins including ones for "Gorillas in the Mist" and "A Walk in the Clouds." Mr. Jarre received six Grammy nominations, winning for "Dr. Zhivago."

Maurice Jarre began his film career in the 1950s. He scored a dozen films during that decade. He emerged as a major film composer during the 1960s. In addition to his Oscar winning scores for David Lean's two masterpieces of the 60s, Mr. Jarre's credits from that decade also include Hitchcock's "Topaz," "The Damned," "5 Card Stud," "The Night of the Generals," "Is Paris Burning?," "Grand Prix," Richard Brook's rousing Western "The Professionals," "The Collector," "The Train," "Behold a Pale Horse," "The Longest Day" and the horror classic "Eyes Without a Face."

During the 1970s Mr. Jarre continued to produce classic film scores. He continued his collaboration with David Lean with "Ryan's Daughter." He worked extensively with John Huston during the 70s on such films as "The Man Who Would Be King," "The MacKintosh Man" and "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean." Other memorable scores from the 1970s include "Winter Kills," "Ishi: The Last of His Tribe," "Crossed Swords," "Jesus of Nazareth," Elia Kazan's "The Last Tycoon," "Shout at the Devil," "Mohammad: Messenger of God," "Mandingo," "Ash Wednesday," Paul Newman's "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds," "Red Sun," "Plaza Suite" and "The Only Game in Town."

Once again, Maurice Jarre collaborated with David Lean during the 1980s, scoring "A Passage to India." Other credits from the 1980s include "Enemies: A Love Story," "Prancer," "The Mosquito Coast," "Moon Over Parador," "No Way Out," "Solarbabies," "Enemy Mine," "Fatal Attraction," "The Bride," "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome," "Dreamscape," "Top Secret!," "The Year of Living Dangerously," Clint Eastwood's thriller "Firefox," "Taps," "Lion of the Desert," "Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb," "Shogun" and Joseph Wambaugh's "The Black Marble."

During the last two decades of his career, Maurice Jarre scored 18 films. In addition to those mentioned above for which Oscar and BAFTA shined on him, Mr. Jarre's credits include "Sunshine," "Day and Night," "Fearless," "Shadow of the Wolf," "School Ties," "Only the Lonely," "Jacob's Ladder" and "Solar Crisis."

MONTE HALE Died Mar. 29, 2009

Singing cowboy star Monte Hale died at age 89. Mr. Hale became a star at Republic Studios during the 1940s. He starred as the hero of a series of Western films which accented his rugged good looks and excellent singing voice. His film "Home on the Range" was Republic's first color Western. Mr. Hale appeared in nearly 40 films and TV shows during his career. In addition to his Republic Westerns, Mr. Hale appeared in a couple of major studio productions. He played Rock Hudson's lawyer Bale Clinch in George Steven's epic "Giant." He also played a town drunk in Arthur Penn's "The Chase" which starred Marlon Brando, Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. Mr. Hale's many credits include "Gunsmoke," "Honey West," "Tales of Wells Fargo," "Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok," "The Vanishing Westerner," "Along the Oregon Trail," "The Phantom Rider," "The Purple Monster Strikes" and "The Big Bonanza."

ANDY HALLETT Died Mar. 29, 2009

Actor Andy Hallett died of heart failure at age 33. Mr. Hallett had a history of heart disease. He was best known for his role as Lorne on the hit supernatural TV series "Angel." He appeared on the show from 2000 to 2004. Mr. Hallet's other credits include "Geppetto's Secret," "Chance," "The Enforcers" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Prayers of comfort for his family and friends.

SHIRL BERNHEIM Died Mar. 29, 2009

Broadway, film and TV actress Shirl Bernheim died at age 87. Ms. Bernheim drew rave reviews for her performance in the 2000/2002 Broadway production of "The Tale of the Allergist's Wife." Her film and TV credits include "Law & Order," "The Sopranos," "I'm Not Rappaport," "The Guiding Light" and "Frankenhooker."

HELEN LEVITT Died Mar. 29, 2009

Famed photographer and Oscar-nominated writer Helen Levitt died at age 95. Ms. Levitt was recognized as one of the greatest photographers of the past century. She was best known for her shots of street life in New York. Ms. Levitt shared an Oscar nomination for writing the 1948 documentary "The Quiet One." Ms. Levitt also served as cinematographer on the film. Her other credits include "The Savage," "In the Street," "An Affair of the Skin" and "The Balcony."

MINORU OHKI Died Mar. 30, 2009

Japanese actor Minoru Ohki died of pancreatic cancer at age 85. Mr. Ohki enjoyed success in a successful film career that began in the 1950s. Mr. Ohki appeared in several of the classic "Lone Wolf and Cub" films. He appeared in over 60 films during his career. His many credits include "Shogun Assassin," "Lone Wolf and Cub: White Heaven in Hell," "Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart in Land of Demons," "Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx," "Horrors of Malformed Men," "Lady Yakuza" and "The 47 Ronin."

ROB MCBRIEN Died Mar. 30, 2009

Songwriter and music producer Rod McBrien died at age 65. Mr. McBrien won two Clio Awards for producing music for national TV commercials. His film credits include "Grace & Glorie," "California Casanova," "Club Fed," "Parades" and "After School." Mr. McBrien served his country in the US Coast Guard during the Vietnam War.

HAL DURHAM Death announced Mar. 30, 2009

Grand Ole Opry announcer Hal Durham died at age 77. Mr. Durham was the announcer for the Grand Ole Opry from 1964 through 1996. Mr. Durham appeared in the movie "Smokey and the Good Time Outlaws."