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This is my 2003 interview with adult film star Melissa Wolf.

The Adult Entertainment industry is a thriving, multi-billion dollar business. Obviously aided by the Internet, erotica and pornography are now in more homes than ever. And not just hidden under the mattress. A number of the guests at DragonCon 2003 are involved in the business of sex. In addition to a number of Webcam Girls, the DragonCon 2003 guest list included two successful stars of the adult entertainment industry. Melissa Wolf is a long time veteran in the world of magazine modeling, circuit dancing and adult film. Aria Giovanni is a relative newcomer when compared to Ms. Wolf, yet she has made her mark by appearing in the films of erotica master Andrew Blake. Both ladies sat down with me to shed some light on what it takes to survive and thrive in a very tough industry.

I had seen the beautiful face (and other parts) of Melissa Wolf over the years. I never put a name to the face until now. The centerfold model and adult actress claims to have made more appearances in Penthouse magazine than any other model. Ms. Wolf was decked out in a latex cape, bustier and cap studded with spikes. Underneath her obvious physical talents lay a sharp business mind. Ms. Wolf gave me a few moments of her time.

Rusty White: You’re in a tough industry. Any words of advice for young women who might be considering a career in the adult industry? There have been a lot of victims in the past; Savannah is just one example.

Melissa Wolf: Yeah. I think the best thing to do, obviously, the number one thing is "Don’t do Drugs!" Do not get involved with them. Drinking is okay socially, but never at work. The magazine industry, as you know is not what it used to be. That’s what I’m really known for. I’ve been in over 110 issues of Penthouse Magazine and now they’re going Chapter 13. It’s become so acceptable, I mean, these young college girls will go to a regular nightclub and lift up their shirt for a drink. So why would any of these boys want to go to an adult club and pay admission and the outrageous prices for drinks and pay for a girl to take her top off when they’ll do it a bar for free. So it’s hurting the industry a lot. Words of advice to these girls is…You can do the magazines and make your mark, but you have to be really smart about it now a days because it is just not what it used to be. Now it’s starting to peter off into the beach. It’s not what it used to be.

RW: Yeah, you have the "Girls Gone Wild" DVDs, two for ten bucks.

MW: Yeah, that’s what I mean. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Girls will lift up their shirt just to be on a video. It’s really hurt the industry a lot. It really has.

RW: How is work on a film different from doing magazine layouts?

MW: Film shoots are always harder. You have to be on top of your game. On photo shoots you can be a little sleepier, a little tired and still look hot and sexy.

RW: What did you think of "Boogie Nights"?

MW: It was a great movie. That era was before my time. I was like 13. I remember when Marilyn Chambers came to Bellingham Washington for a book signing when she was really hot. I was only 10 or 12 then. Then eight years later I was performing on stage with her. I was her opening act.

RW: Do you have your own production company?

MW: I do. I have my own company now. Lesley Wells has her own company. A lot of girls have their own companies now.

RW: So it’s getting easier to control your own product?

MW: Oh yeah. Girls are getting smarter. I mean, look at Jenna Jameson. She was the one who just marketed herself to either Wicked or Vivid. She went into them and said "I’m going to produce it, I’m going to pick my own crew and I’ll give you a percentage for marketing it." She owns and controls it all. I remember when I was on the circuit and she first came out. She danced on the circuit and her career just took of. She took it to the next level. She became the next Marilyn Chambers, or even surpassed it.

RW: Do you think the type of success Jenna Jameson has can be attained by others?

MW: It can happen. It’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

RW: What do you have coming up next?

MW: My Halloween party. This is the 3rd Annual Fantasy Fest Halloween party. We bring in features from all over the country that entertain in all the local strip clubs across the US. They come in, ad we invite all our fans. The party is $100.00 per person, but it’s catered and that includes all the food, beer and wine. It goes from about 9PM until about 2 or 3 in the morning. The following day, all of us girls get together and for $150.00 the guys can come and do a photo shoot for one or two hours. I know that’s what they like because they fly in from all over the country. And the November 1st at the Gold Rush Showbar in Atlanta all the guys will get free admission to come in and see our showcase. There will be about 15 performers, so it will be a really big show.

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