Saturday, May 29, 2010


Easy Rider” was a seminal movie of my youth. I was a pot smoking kid lost in a dysfunctional world. Dennis Hopper’s Wyatt fascinated me both as a symbol of freedom and as a fellow lost soul. Captain America’s sidekick was a wild blend of greed, paranoia, hedonism, irresponsibility, bravado and loyalty. Not as cerebral as his running buddy played by Peter Fonda. I couldn’t take my eyes off Hopper. Dennis Hopper became one of those actors I sought out in film. Over the top, never playing it safe. Someone who would take you to places you would never otherwise experience. A tour guide to the extreme for those who live vicariously through the movies. Dennis Hopper’s passing was expected. He died today of prostate cancer at age 74. Thanks for the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Dennis will be missed. I first saw him in Blue Velvet which was a stunning performance.

Welcome back Rusty! I hope to read more of your obits.