Saturday, August 23, 2008

Daman Lanza

I received this e-mail on the 18th from reader Judy. I haven't been able to confirm this yet.

I just found out from a reliable source that Daman Lanza the last surviving son of the legendary singer Mario Lanza. He died yesterday at the age of 55.

UPDATE: Loyal reader and research pro Cathy comes through again! Thanks so much Cathy!

Damon Lanza
LANZA, Damon Beloved son of Mario and Betty Lanza passed away August 16, 2008 at age 55. He is survived by his sister, Ellisa Lanza Bregman, his brother-in-law, Robert B. Bregman, his nephews, Tony and Nick Bregman, his uncle, Terry Robinson, and East Coast family members. He was loved and will be missed. A private family service and burial was held at Holy Cross Cemetery Wednesday, August 26, 2008.


dogshe said...

Here's a link about Damon Lanza:

Anonymous said...

I just find it curious, assuming mario lanza is at rest on the west coast, why? As I recall, he hated Hollwood which is why he moved to Rome,Italy.

If nothing else,it seems to me that Mario, would like to be put to rest in his native Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where Damon is at rest, but I trust that he is with his parents.

Anonymous said...

aww so sorry to hear about this.
damon and marc were my good friends during high school. we'd hang out at his house and his grandfather would be there with the little poodle. the parties would get a bit out of hand but damon was always smiling. the world is a sadder place without his loving self.


cofros said...

I discovered Mario Lanza rather late in my life. I immediately sent an e-mail to Damon Lanza, who graciously answered me - himself? I do hope so. He was absolutely the last living link to his father. I know he has a sister, but I do not think that she has a web page or an e-mail. I felt a little better receiving Damon's answer to me. I brought me a little closer to Mario Lanza for a few seconds, I think.
Thanks Damon