Sunday, August 3, 2008

Peter Mamakos

Someone posted a death notice for character actor Peter Mamakos on a message board I frequent. The posting was taken from another message board I can't find. Supposedly Mr. Mamakos died in July at age 89. I've yet to find any confirmation. Mr. Mamakos is pictured on the left in this photo.


John Nelson said...

Peter Mamakos actually died back on April 27 at 89. This is confirmed by information in the Social Security Death Index. I don't think it has been reported in any main stream press.

dogshe said...

I found the same information as John did--04-27-08 in Paso Robles, CA

Anonymous said...

My Mother was from Somerville, MA and she told us when we were kids that she went to high school with Peter Mamakos..She would point him out in movies and say "See that guy? I knew him in high school " I don't think we believed her, but I believe her now..My Mother passed away in March, 08